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What's New in Data Abstract 8.2 (and RemObjects SDK 8.2) Spring 2015

Version 8.2 is a significant interim update for Data Abstract, expanding on the new DA8 platform introduced last year with many bug fixes, improvements and some significant new features.

Improved C++Builder Support for XE and later

RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract for Delphi gain official and approved support for C++Builder Version XE and later in this release. BC will be detected and supported during install, and both library and CodeGen have seen significant improvements for C++ support.

Improved and simplified Client APIs for DA/.NET and DA/Delphi

Learning from the other and more recent platforms, we have brought ideas back to Data Abstract for .NET and Delphi to significantly streamline the client APIs. Remote Data Adapters are now usable standalone without the need to be accompanied by RemObjects SDK-level components that need to be configured separately. Samples and templates have been updated to reflect this simpler API approach, as well.

New Server Samples for DA/Delphi

By popular demand, we have created new samples for creating custom Data Abstract servers for PCTrade 2.0 in the server edition of Data Abstract for Delphi, making it easier to get started with the product for developers not using Relativity Server. (.NET Server samples will come in version 8.3.)

Support for writing Swift clients and servers with RO/.NET and Silver

RemObjects SDK for .NET gains support for the Swift language and our RemObjects Silver compiler, for creating both clients and servers. This includes project templates and new Swift CodeGen integrated into Visual Studio 2013. (Support for Silver and Swift on Java and Cocoa will come in version 8.3.)